8 and 9

I know I shouldn't be combining months, but before I know it I get really behind blogging.  So here are few things to remember about Grayson.....

  • Grayson was sick for the first time and got his first ear infection
  • Mooyah opened this month so he attended a few parties 
  • He's really "talking" and I think he already knows how to say "mama".  There's a contest on his first word...."mama", "dada", or "sister"
  • G's a great sleeper and usually takes 2 naps if we are at home

  • Big month as G is now crawling!  It only took him a couple of days and now he is all over the place.  
  • Grayson is starting to pull up on everything and even lets go for a few seconds.  I'm not ready for him to walk.  
  • Grayson has started eating more table food -- he loves bananas, cheese toast, and crackers:)  
  • He's a good napper and still is easily entertained in his stroller.  I really should move him from his pumpkin seat but it's just to easy to put him in the snap and go when I'm running errands.  
  • G rode in the grocery cart for the first time this month.

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