8 and 9

I know I shouldn't be combining months, but before I know it I get really behind blogging.  So here are few things to remember about Grayson.....

  • Grayson was sick for the first time and got his first ear infection
  • Mooyah opened this month so he attended a few parties 
  • He's really "talking" and I think he already knows how to say "mama".  There's a contest on his first word...."mama", "dada", or "sister"
  • G's a great sleeper and usually takes 2 naps if we are at home

  • Big month as G is now crawling!  It only took him a couple of days and now he is all over the place.  
  • Grayson is starting to pull up on everything and even lets go for a few seconds.  I'm not ready for him to walk.  
  • Grayson has started eating more table food -- he loves bananas, cheese toast, and crackers:)  
  • He's a good napper and still is easily entertained in his stroller.  I really should move him from his pumpkin seat but it's just to easy to put him in the snap and go when I'm running errands.  
  • G rode in the grocery cart for the first time this month.


We had a fun November.  Emily Kathryn and I made a "thankful" tree and we drew pictures of all the things we are thankful for on the back of the leaves.  It will be fun to get them out over the years and see our drawings.  It was a busy month for Jordan with opening the store so Emily Kathryn, Grayson, and I stayed busy by baking turkey cookies and playing at the park a lot.  Emily Kathryn had a Thanksgiving Feast at school and it was fun to watch her celebrate with her class (although Grayson cried during most of the party).  We stayed here for Thanksgiving and had a fun and relaxing day at Lulu and Papa's house.

Happy Halloween

October was a busy and fun month!  We went to the pumpkin patch, took a trip to the Zoo to see all the Halloween decorations, AND opened our FIRST RESTAURANT (Mooyah).  Since Jordan had to work on Halloween we stopped by Mooyah for dinner and then went trick-or-treating with our sweet friend Jack.


7 Months

Grayson turned 7 months over the weekend.  It's been such a fun month with him.  He has started eating baby food on a regular basis.  Grayson likes all the food I've tried and he is very vocal when he sees a bottle or if you put him in his highchair....he likes to eat:)   He started sitting up this month and rolling around to get where he needs to go.  We dropped his "dream feed" and he is sleeping through the night from 7-7...yay!  I LOVE LOVE to hear his laugh....the one that is like a belly laugh where he goes on a on for several seconds.  He is very good in the car and is easily entertained when pushed in a stroller.  I'm not sure if he looks like me or Jordan.  More people say he looks like me than when EmK was his age.  Either way, I think he's the cutest thing ever!!!

First time to eat baby food

These are our yearly tradition Alabama fan pictures for Jordan's Alabama room.  You can't be "in" the picture unless you are an AL fan so I guess you'll never see a picture of me in the "man" room:)

the only time EmK wants her picture taken is when she sees me trying to take Grayson's picture:)